tape-in hair extensions

tape-in hair extensions

Tape-In extensions are great for all hair types – especially thin hair as the tapes lay flat against the head and are virtually undetectable.

There is no heat used in the installation but are adhered to the hair with an adhesive. This means no, no, no to getting them wet for 24-48 hours after installation or your maintenance appointment. There is also NO air drying your tape-in extensions after your shower, swimming or excessive sweating.

Tape-Ins are reusable and can last 6 to 9 months as long as you keep your in-salon maintenance appointments booked every 4 to 6 weeks AND you follow the at home care instructions.

k-tip hair extensions (fusion)

K-Tip Extensions are Keratin Protein Tips – also referred to as fusions. These extensions use a heating element, for installation, that safely adheres the extensions to the hair.

K-Tips are ideal for all hair types – thick or thin.

K-Tips are customizable for sensitive scalps and can be added to other types of hair extensions for a personalized, custom look to meet the needs of the client.

These extensions are also ideal for the more “active” client and those clients that enjoy putting their hair up. (High ponytails, top knots etc.)

K-Tips are not re-usable and therefore have no scheduled in-salon maintenance but they do last in the hair for 4 to 6 months with proper care. The installation and removal of these extensions does take longer than other extensions.

k-tip hair extensions - fusion
hand tied weft extensions

hand tied weft hair extensions

Hand-tied wefts are perfect for all hair types as they are lightweight and stackable. The perfect match for thin hair and those clients that want a customizable look with different types of extensions used.

These extensions are reusable and can last up to a year if taken care of properly and the client adheres to the 4-6 week in-salon maintenance appointments.

We love this method as these 12″ wide wefts feature triple knotted ends that give full coverage with a thin, flexible point of attachment!! Yes, thin!!!!

Hand-Tied Wefts are also unique as it allows us to get creative with custom colour combinations that add dimension to our clients hair.

volume weft hair extensions

These beauties are ideal for our coarse, very curly or thick hair clients.

They are also reusable and should last about one year if properly taken care of.

Are you starting to see a pattern here 🙂

In-salon maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.

They are also great for guests with an active lifestyle and like sporting a high pony tail or my favourite – the top knot.

Volume weft extensions are also used as a fast route for full coverage.

There is no need for tape, glue or heat to achieve this volume-enhancing look.

Hello mermaid hair!!

hair extensions
i-tip hair extensions

i-tip hair extensions

I-Tip Extensions are great for all hair types. Yay !!!

They are also reusable and can last a year with proper care and scheduled in-salon maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Same song and dance 🙂

These extensions can also be customizable for sensitive scalps and those clients looking for that customizable look. They are also another option for guests who lead an active lifestyle and those that like to wear their hair off their face.